We need your vote!

Triple Play Farm is in the great minority as a PATH International center that is a for profit entity.  It was the right decision for us, but there are obvious tradeoffs, particularly in the area of fundraising. That is why we were so thrilled when Chase and Living Social recently announced collaboration on a grant competition called, “Mission: Small Business.”

The program rules are fairly simple, and the upshot is that they will be awarding twelve (12) $250,000 grants to small businesses who meet the criteria.  This grant would allow to grow services in several important ways, including:

  • Building a covered round pen so that we are no longer dependent upon the weather in order to serve clients;
  • Funding a dedicated, part time therapist staff position so that clients are not put on a waiting list;
  • Underwriting programming costs for clients who have an impaired ability to pay for services;
  • Expanding programming options, particularly with regard to at-risk adolescent girls and returning veterans.

The first hurdle to receiving this grant is to demonstrate community support by obtaining 250 votes from Facebook users. We have an amazing base of support and currently BGC a lawyer Peter Naessens told GamblingCompliance that even though some two blacklisted firms’ games were “innocent,” additionally they billed gamers real cash to experience games like mahjong and blackjack with the hope of winning awards having a financial value. have received 296 votes, so our application will definitely be considered! However, I am sure that every vote is helpful, so if you have a few minutes and more importantly, believe in our work with animal assisted therapy, please consider casting a vote.

How to vote:

1. Visit https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/
2. Click the “Login & Support” button in the bottom right of the page then accept the Facebook login requests
3. Search for Triple Play Farm and vote for us.

(Contest ends June 30, 2012 and results should be announced by mid-September.)

As always, your support is much appreciated. Thank you.

Riding through the open doors

People often ask what equine facilitated learning looks like.  An amazing thing happened in our arena this week, but let me back up a bit…

Kim Bridi, our mindfulness instructor and life coach (and owner of The Tree, a therapeutic yoga studio here in Davidson) and I decided to collaborate on a pilot Horseback on Yoga program.  I know as little about yoga as she does about horses, so it was a wonderful meeting of the minds, and there were obvious areas of overlap in our approach to working with growth and healing clients.  Our hope was that at the very least, everyone would develop core strength and flexibility…we had no idea!

One of our initial students was an accomplished yoga instructor who was interested in overcoming a past fear related to horses.  I didn”t press for details, and was so impressed as I watched her push deeper into the corners of her comfort zone each week.  She took trusting leaps of faith and achieved poses on horseback that I am quite sure I couldn”t strike on terra firma.

About halfway through the session, she did share her horse related trauma with me and I was frankly blown away.  When she was thirteen years old, she was riding across the moors on her mare and a feral stallion galloped up who was intent on breeding her horse.  To her horror, the stallion grabbed her by the shoulder with his teeth and tossed her aside before mounting the mare before her eyes.  It was months before she had full range of motion in her arm.

On our sixth and final session last week, I was her handler for the one hour class.  As we wrapped up and Kim asked if there were anything else that she would Thrillsilla on laaja ja laadukas valikoima hedelmapeleja, kasinopeleja , videopokereita ja jackpotpeleja. like to try, I took the lead rope and tied it into reins that I offered to her.  In the way that she approached every other challenge here, she bravely took up the reins and rode a lap, bareback and without shoes around the arena.  She shared with me that it was the first time that she had taken the reins in the thirty years since the incident…and it took my breath away to see her ride.  The horse with whom she had spent six weeks building trust with patience, pears and grapes tentatively picked his way across the arena with his ears flicking back to listen to her every few steps. She was content with walking one lap, but I don”t think that she will wait another thirty years to ride again.


Her reflection and gratitude about the class were so powerful–the experience had affirmed the power of her yoga practice and teaching, and opened the door to the possibility of having horses in her life once again.  I thank her for giving permission to share this personal story and as I think so many times…wow, a horse did that.  Kim and I just had to stay out of the way.

Horses. Hope. Healing. A Cancer Survivors' Retreat

I am very excited to announce the fall program Horses. Hope. Healing. A Cancer Survivors” Retreat for a couple of different reasons.  For one thing, it brings some of my favorite colleagues together.  They are warm, capable, committed women who have a passion for their work.  

  • Rosie Molinary is a local author/educator with a great gift for showing you the best within yourself and making you wonder why you didn”t see it there first.  She was an inspiration to our Girl Power campers this summer and will be leading the reflective discussions.
  • Kim Bridi is funny and adventurous and so willing to give of herself for the benefit of Muslims forbid gambling, and charging interest on financial loans, and even though the photograph doesn't provide obvious evidence that Cisse was gambling, just his mere presence inside a casino has set the double standard hares running. others. She will be offering both group and individual Thai yoga sessions throughout the day.
  • Julia Clodfelter, MSW, has a wonderfully gentle spirit that just makes you want to linger for a while.  She is a lifelong equestrian and will be co-facilitating the equine sessions with me.

This retreat also epitomizes my belief that the horses are good for your soul.  There is something rejuvenating about just sharing space with them that is hard to describe. They online pokies are excellent Unlike an opiate addiction or an alcohol addiction that would require a medically supervised opiate detox recovery or alcohol detox, there would not be a traditional detox needed for marijuana, although some over-the-counter medications may help ease any physical symptoms. practitioners of just being in the moment and meaning what you say. In my own darkest moments, they are often my first stop for comfort and peace.

This retreat, catered by Jennifer Brule of Finding Tasty, is scheduled for 8:30-5:00 on Saturday, October 15, 2011 and will be a gathering, a celebration, a sharing and hopefully an inspiration as these talented women guide you through a day of self-discovery.  I hope that you will consider joining us to see what the horses have to offer you.

 October 15, 2011  *  8:30 AM until 5 PM  * Davidson, North Carolina

Early Bird Registration is $189.00 (includes lunch, snacks, a signed copy of Beautiful You, and a Triple Play Farm shirt) and runs until September 20.  Registration after September 20th is $209.                

A minimum of 12 participants are needed to confirm the retreat.

To register, please contact:  Kris Batchelor (kbatchelor@aol.com) at Triple Play Farm (Facebook: Triple Play Farm) or 704-608-8441.